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When: 7.30pm on Tuesday 10 September 2013
Where: The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester M4 1LE

PLEASE NOTE: This show has been cancelled. Refunds are available from the point of purchase

We’re excited to be welcoming Barcelona’s Delorean and Ireland’s O Emperor to the city – a co-headline show!

Delorean are excited to announce the forthcoming release of their new album Apar on 9 September via True Panther Sounds. The Barcelona-based band is also making the lead track from Apar, Spirit, available for streaming now:

Apar is Delorean’s follow up to 2010’s Subiza, which brought the band world-wide critical acclaim. The New York Times said, ‘Delorean traffics in airy atmospherics and enveloping rhythm: ideally, music for a dance floor in the hours preceding dawn’ and Filter described the debut as ‘a compelling balance between Spanish discotheque, indie rock knowhow, and sparkling synth arrangements… eight tracks of blissful synth-pop about the emotional extremes of love’.

Delorean started the band as teenagers in the Basque Country town of Zarautz, informed by a love of hi-hat-frenzied dance music, then moved to Barcelona, where they fully embraced carefree Mediterranean club music on their celebrated 2010 LP, Subiza. After touring heavily in support of Subiza the band returned home and began work on Apar. Delorean strove to embrace a more sophisticated relationship to sound recording and songwriting in order to push the stories and dynamics of this album to a deeper more complex place. Leaving behind the ornate and layered production of Subiza, the chopped up female vocal samples have been replaced by actual singers and the bare minimum of instrumentation is all that remains to support them. Lead singer, lyricist and bassist Ekhi Lopetegi calls Apar simply their ‘big production album’. But through his articulate lens, the record’s emotional undercurrent, and the band’s mastery of luxurious, coast-of-Spain beats, Apar is something altogether more illuminating.

Waterford band O Emperor are delighted to announce the release of their second album, Vitreous, this coming June. This is a follow up to their debut album Hither Thither, released in October 2010.

Vitreous was self-recorded and produced in the band’s very own studio (Big Skin HQ) in Cork. Big Skin was (literally) built from the ground up and everything from label administration to recording happens inside its grubby, fire-stained walls. The resulting recordings are a direct representation of this operation, being the band’s most potent and distinct work to date; a stamp moulded from their many meandering sessions there.

While debut Hither Thither could be described as a lush tapestry displaying a classical use of depth and shading, Vitreous presents the listener with a starker, polychrome and pixelated picture. Heavily distorted drums take their place alongside syrupy analogue synths and disgusting fuzz guitars sounding like bees buzzing inside tin cans. Beautiful landscapes are destroyed with disparate, abrasive sounds in perverse displays of artistic self-destruction.

‘O Emperor again artfully display complete originality, ever-progressing creativity and plain old fashioned musical brilliance’ – Irish Times

‘The ever-changing, ambient, and often aggressive, sound of the album is a defining feature. This is a succinct release with a groundswell of depth’ – Artrocker

PLEASE NOTE: This show has been cancelled. Refunds are available from the point of purchase

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