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When: 7.30pm on Thursday 29 July 2021
Where: Soup, 31-33 Spear Street, Manchester M1 1DF

PLEASE NOTE: This show has now sold out! Fear not though, as BC Camplight plays the Ritz on Wednesday 8 December – info and tickets at heymanchester.com/bc-camplight-12

We’re excited to be presenting an intimate hometown show for BC Camplight!

‘This is an examination of madness and loss,’ says Brian Christinzio, the inimitable force behind BC Camplight. ‘I hope it starts a long overdue conversation.’

Fired by his ongoing battle with mental illness, Shortly After Takeoff is the final, and finest, chapter of what Christinzio calls his ‘Manchester Trilogy’, following 2015’s How To Die In The North and 2018’s Deportation Blues. All three albums were created after the native Philadelphian had moved to Manchester. Like Deportation Blues, Shortly After Takeoff spans singer-songwriter classicism, gnarly synth-pop and ‘50s rock’n’roll, with Christinzio’s similarly distinctive, flexible vocal carrying a fearless approach to lyrical introspection, but the new album is a major leap forward in songwriting sophistication and lyrical communication.

‘It’s important to stress that this isn’t a redemption story,’ he says. ‘I’m a guy who maybe lives a little hard and I’m in the thick of some heavy stuff. But as a result, I think I’ve made my best record.’

The ‘heavy stuff’ has come thick and fast for Christinzio. Just days before How To Die In The North was released, he was deported and banned from the UK because of visa issues. Estranged from his new home, his girlfriend and his dog, unable to promote his album and back home with his parents, Christinzio sunk deep into the dark. An Italian passport, care of his grandparents, eventually allowed him to re-settle in Manchester, but then just days before Deportation Blues was released, his father Angelo unexpectedly died.

‘I went into a spiral that was worse than any time since my twenties,’ he recalls. Hence the title Shortly After Takeoff: the feeling of being suddenly thwarted by what life throws at you. Making matters worse was a neurological disorder that returned after years in remission: ‘I see TV static, and it messes with how my brain interprets everything from sound to my own feelings.’

One way to process tragedy is comedy, which elevates Shortly After Takeoff to a heightened plateau, from grief-stricken vulnerability to armoured bravado, from the black dog of depression to gallows humour. None more so than Ghosthunting, which opens with an extraordinary (fabricated) passage of Christinzio doing a stand-up routine, centring on the memory of hallucinating his father’s ghost. ‘I want to drag the listener into this world and hopefully they question why they feel uneasy,’ he explains.

‘I also wanted to make a record totally free of whimsy and irony, that was just clear and open and honest. I don’t think you really heard the chaos in Deportation Blues, but in Shortly After Takeoff, I can hear I’m finding undiscovered places to go, only because I was so lost. Lyrically, I wanted people to hear and understand me this time. Before, if I would have written about my father dying, I would have made up some weird bullshit, like an analogy about a tree shedding leaves or something. That Brian is gone. I have a direct line to the listener now. I have a direct line to myself too. It’s a benchmark moment for me.’

Bleak comedy is evident from the album’s first song. I Only Drink When I’m Drunk features Christinzio’s trademark ‘keep you on your toes’ style. He describes it as ‘Hank Williams on cough medicine being awoken by ferocious guitars’. Ghosthunting similarly changes tack, between serene melody, classical harps, and pounding passages: Cemetery Lifestyle appears to feed on The Four Seasons and crunchy new wave. Though the Nilsson-esque I Want To Be In the Mafia (Christinzio’s favourite lyric on the album) and the elegantly sombre Arms Around Your Sadness are less changeable, the way Back To Work trades dreamy AOR and robotic funk ‘sums up this record perfectly,’ Christinzio feels. ‘The verse seems to make sense, then out of nowhere, boom boom… just when you think you have it figured out… It’s the never-ending cycle of mental illness.’

Christinzio says his love of stylistic shifts is also linked to a ‘pretty low attention span. I’m always stirring the pot, I never let it settle’. His personal life is similarly restless. Few might risk everything and abscond from the safety of home in Philadelphia, where he had released two albums, occasionally played live with local faves The War On Drugs – whose current members Dave Hartley and Robbie Bennett were part of the original BC Camplight live band – and guested on Sharon van Etten’s Epic album. ‘If I’d stayed, I’d be dead. Period,’ he once mused, and what was Philly’s loss became Manchester’s gain.

There, Christinzio has his friends, and his band. On record, Shortly After Takeoff is ’95 per cent’ Christinzio, plus Adam Dawson (drums) and Francesca Pidgeon (backing vocals, sax, clarinet) and guests on cello and violin. Dawson and Pidgeon are also members of the current live BC Camplight, alongside Tom Bellini (guitar), Stephen Mutch (bass) and Luke Barton (synths, acoustic guitar).

Christinzio couldn’t tour How To Die In The North because of his deportation, but the shows following Deportation Blues played to increasingly larger audiences. Christinzio’s bombastic and intense live performances have earned him an ever-growing legion of devotees (and a recent nomination for Best Live Act by the Independent Music Awards) that see Brian as an ‘anti-rockstar’, an unfiltered talent.

‘I’m pretty sure the BC Camplight live experience isn’t something you can find elsewhere,’ he declares. ‘It is a journey every night. One moment, I’m basically doing a stand-up routine and the next, the band and I are playing like we plan on dying that evening, giving our everything. Then I’m on speakerphone to my Mom on stage before assaulting my piano. I’m very thankful that, after all this time, the audience is finally there.’ One regret is that his father never saw Christinzio experience any level of success. ‘I wish he could have seen what I’ve started to do here,’ he says. ‘I certainly gave that guy more grey hairs than he deserved. He would have liked to see this.’

Shortly After Takeoff ends with the gorgeously tender 93-second Angelo, ‘a little fleeting moment for my dad. I wanted his name on the album, and something that sounded like a goodbye. It ends with the drums, like a heartbeat stopping…’

That’s Christinzio and Shortly After Takeoff: his best, most honest, open and frequently heartbreaking record.

Special guest is Paige Kennedy. Paige Kennedy is an artist and producer based in Manchester, where they have been playing their energetic mix of funk, electronic and indie infused alt-pop for two years. Recently they made the top 5 out of over 3000 applicants for the Green Man Rising Competition 2021.They’ve also received wide support from BBC introducing and 6 Music, particularly Tom Robinson. Kennedy has been working on new material during lockdown, and is releasing an EP this summer, supported by two singles. The second single Arthur is dropping on 12 August.

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