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Hey! Hauschka

May 18 2012 | Comments | Category: Profiles

The 130701 Transcendentalists tour features three stars of the so-called ‘post-classical’ scene, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Dustin O’Halloran and Hauschka. Ahead of their performance together at the RNCM next Monday, we caught up with Hauschka, the German prepared pianist and composer also known as Volker Bertelmann…

Hey Volker, what are you doing today?

I am in the airport of Brussels answering your questions and traveling to London. On tour there is a kind of routine, which means you are having every day load in, soundcheck and concert, and in between those dates you have to get some how some rest and food. It sounds horrible but it is somehow a form of meditation if your energy is mainly concentrating on the performance.

The eight-date Transcendentalists tour began earlier this week. Have you been involved in this kind of tour before? Are you looking forward to it?

I am touring a lot and I did with one of my previous bands a long four-weeks tour in a bus. But I have never toured before with three artist that I like and where we have equal sets. Of course I am looking forward to every show, plus I have a great collaborator with me. Samuli Kosminen is a wonderful drummer and a friend and we have so much playing together.

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Hey! Other Lives

April 3 2012 | Comments | Category: Profiles

Last August, Oklahoma’s Other Lives produced Tamer Animals, one of our favourite albums of the year. They also blew away audiences at the Deaf Institute twice, and have recently finished touring the US with Radiohead. Ahead of their appearance at Academy 3 this Thursday, 5 April, we caught up with the band to ask about Liz Green, The Magnetic North, Steve Reich and parking meters…

This is your third visit to Manchester in quick succession. Have you managed to see anything besides the inside of the Deaf Institute? And are you looking forward to a change of scene?

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to explore Manchester yet – it’s usually in and out for us. The Deaf Institute is actually pretty cozy, but we’re always up for exploring when there’s time.

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Hey! Paul Thomas Saunders

March 20 2012 | Comments | Category: Profiles

We’ve been trying for ages to book Leeds’ Paul Thomas Saunders. His debut EP, last year’s Lilac And Wisteria, was a big highlight for us, reminding of the warbling delights of Cocteau Twins and quite rightly featuring in our end-of-year list. Ahead of his appearance on our stage at Sounds From The Other City on Sunday 6 May, we caught up with Paul…

You’re playing this year’s Sounds From The Other City in May. For the uninitiated, what can people expect from your show, and your music?

I’ll be playing the show with my live band The Fever Dreams. We all look fairly malnourished but together we can make quite a concordant racket. As for my music in general, an old friend of mine who writes for a blog recently used the phrase ‘Snore-core’. While he wielded it in the most derogatory of ways, I actually quite like it, and it’s quite fitting. Perhaps I’ll start a scene.

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Hey! Joe Pug

January 19 2012 | Comments | Category: Profiles

From supporting Steve Earle at the Bridgewater Hall to playing the Kings Arms for us a couple of years ago, American singer-songwriter Joe Pug already has links to our fair city. Ahead of his headline debut here – an intimate, likely sell-out show at the Castle next month – we caught up with Joe to ask a few important questions…

Hey Joe, what are you up to right now?

Eating egg tacos.

You’ve visited Manchester a couple of times already. What do you know of the city?

I’m a devoted fan of Abraham Lincoln’s life. His connection to your city has always struck me as beautiful. That an American president would directly appeal not to a foreign government, but a foreign people, that seems unprecedented and, given the current state of global politics, unrepeatable.

Oh… and the Curry Mile. That’s my jam.

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Hey! Willy Mason

April 27 2011 | Comments | Category: Profiles

It’s with great excitement that we’re welcoming Mr Willy Mason, the esteemed New York singer-songwriter, to our stage at this year’s Sounds From The Other City festival. We thought we’d build up the anticipation further by catching up with Willy in the meantime…

Hey Willy, how’s it going? Where are you and what are you doing at this very moment?

I’m in the US doing boring things getting ready for my trip overseas. While I was on tour the phone got shut off and there’s no hot water. My bus needs new brake-lines and my girlfriend’s truck just got towed away. Spring is a very exciting time of year. As soon as I get all this figured out I might get to record some stuff for tour but it’s not looking so good since I’m flying out on Friday, thanks for asking. Continue reading »


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